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February 12
More news on the Page Hamilton solo album. The reader who originally sent me the info said he found the note in an Australian music magazine called Time Off, and I was able to go to their site and find the article here. The Page Hamilton stuff is about halfway down the page.

Another fan wrote in to say that Hamilton's manager has just worked out the contract details with an unspecified record company, and that he is already in the studio working on it. I didn't get a source or anything, but if it is true, we should certainly be hearing more about this soon.

February 5
A couple of quick notes. The first is a link that was sent to me back in November that reports that Helmet briefly reformed on Halloween of last year to play a set in a Brooklyn club. Here is the link.

Another fan wrote in with the following tidbit, which he says he gleaned from some newspaper or another:

Helmet's former frontman Page Hamilton has been demoing new material and is shopping for a record deal. The five-song demo is apparently "heavy-yet-melodic" in feel and features "much-improved" vocals from Hamilton.

I have no idea how valid it is, since I wasn't given a source for the material, but hey, at this point, even unsubstantiated news is better than no news at all.



October 31
Well, I've finally got some news to report. Most of it has to do with John Stanier, who sounds like he has been a very busy man over the past year or so. The oldest news is the Stanier played drums on the most recent full-length Pitchshifter album, Deviant. He is also the new drummer for the Australian Hardcore outfit The Mark of Cain, who just released a new album recently and is currently on tour. As if that wasn't enough, he is also the drummer for an outfit called Tomahawk, which features members of Mr. Bungle, Jesus Lizard, and the Melvins. They just released their debut album, also titled Tomahawk.

Another fan recently wrote in and said that a friend of his spoke to Stanier after a Mark of Cain show, and that Stanier said that Helmet would be getting back together soon. I haven't heard anything else about this, but let's hope it pans out—after years of rumors about Page's solo album, Page's work on NIN and Tapeworm projects, and Page reforming Helmet, it would be cool to have something pan out so we could hear some new music from him.



March 15
Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but there just hasn't been that much going on. Page is still rumored to be working on either a solo album or a record with a new band. He did record some material with Trent Reznor for Nine Inch Nails' "The Fragile", but none of his work made it on to the final disc. Page was also seen touring with David Bowie last year, showing up on his Saturday Night Live appearance and the rest of the gigs on Bowie's promotional tour for his new album. You can read more about this here.

The only other news to report is that Henry Bogdan, Helmet's bassist, shows up on the new Melvins record, "The Crybaby". He plays steel guitar on two Hank Williams covers (the vocals on these tracks are done by Williams' grandson, Hank Williams III). If you haven't yet experienced the Melvins, I would highly recommend them, especially "Houdini", "Stag", and last year's "The Maggot". They opened for Helmet on the Aftertaste tour, and are an excellent and highly unappreciaated band. "The Crybaby" is unusual in that the Melvins' singer, King Buzzo, doesn't sing on a single track; it is all cover songs and collaborations with other groups and vocalists (the oddest of the lot being a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" featuring Leif Garrett—yes, that Leif Garret—on vocals).

Hopefully there will be more news about Page's new project in the coming months. I will try to keep this site updated whenever there is something new to report. And of course, if you hear anything, drop me a line and I'll post it here.



September 5
Well, despite the embarrassing amount of time that has passed since the last time I updated this page, there really isn't much new to talk about. Page is apparently still working on his first solo album, due out sometime next year. There was a rumor that he had contributed some material to the new Nine Inch Nails album, but that rumor has been denied by Interscope. I'll keep my ears open for further developments; in the meantime, send me any news that you come across and I'll post it here.

January 16
Well, it's official. Helmet's management finally confirmed that they have broken up to pursue separate projects. Henry Bodgan is still playing steel guitar for the Moonlighters, while Chris Traynor is preparing material for a solo album. No one's quite sure what John Stanier is up to. Page has a track on the soundtrack for the Neil Jordan film "In Dreams", starring Annette Benning and Robert Downey Jr., his second solo track included on a movie soundtrack (the other was on the "Chicago Cab" soundtrack). He is preparing material for his next album, but it is unknown whether it will be a solo record or one with a new band. Click here to read a more complete report about the break up.



October 3
There are rumors going around that Page has signed extended his deal with Interscope to include three more albums, although whether those are with Helmet or solo works has yet to be determined. He's not in the studio as far as I know; I'll let you know if I hear anything else.

In the meantime, I have finally added some stuff to the album pages, including track listings, lyrics, and some personal comments about each record. You can get to these pages using the links on the discography page.

Here is some news from a girl who calls herself the Divine One, who you might remember from her concert review of Helmet at Irving Plaza in NYC last year:

Henry Bogdan is currently involved in a band called The Moonlighters. Henry Bogdan is on steel guitar. The Moonlighters combine 1920's vocal jazz and Hawaiian steel guitar swing for their own unique blend of music. They have a mini page that has some information about the band. Here is the url:

Let me know if you hear anything that you don't see posted here, and I'll be sure to share it with everyone else.


September 5
Not much has been going on the world of Helmet recently, as evidenced by the lack of updates on this page. Rumors were swirling earlier this year that the band had broken up, but their management would only say that they were pursuing other projects and that if they did break up Page would still release at least one solo album with Interscope. Page does have a solo song titled "Score" that leads off the recently released Chicago Cab soundtrack (also featuring Pearl Jam, Supergrass, and Sparklehorse), but again, this doesn't mean that Helmet has necessarily broken up. I'll keep this site updated if I find out more. In the meantime, if anyone gets a hold of this soundtrack, feel free to send me a quick review of Page's song.

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January 18
There was another Helmet and Melvins chat on SonicNet on January 15. I didn't catch it, but they usually make transcripts available on their site. Also, here is a concert review from someone who saw Helmet at Irving Plaza in NYC on September 22. Don't look for a link; just keep on scrolling down the page and you'll find the review eventually. This person got to meet the band backstage and also got one of Henry's broken guitars.



September 20
Helmet is currently on tour with Melvins, another great and underappreciated band who are probably best known for being one of Kurt Cobain's favorite groups. If you get a chance to see this double bill, don't pass it up. I'll be attending the show in Charlottesville, VA, on September 25. Here is a firsthand account from a fan who saw them in Austin, TX, on July 29.

Helmet will also participate in a live broadcast on SonicNet on Monday, September 22. You can chat with the band at 7:00 PM EST, and hear a live show at 11:00 PM EST. The address is:

Be sure to check it out.


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