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Helmet has officially called it quits, according to their management group. This page will, however, continue to function as a source of information about the different band members, especially band leader and principle songwriter Page Hamilton, who is currently gearing up to record his first post-Helmet album. See the news for more information.

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Helmet was composed of guitarist and singer Page Hamilton, bassist Henry Bogdan, and drummer John Stanier. Guitarist Rob Echeverria, who replaced original guitarist Peter Mengede on Betty, left the group to join Biohazard. Chris Traynor of Orange 9mm played with the band on their final tour in support of their swan song, "Aftertaste". Dave Sardy, who produced "Aftertaste", is rumored to have played some live dates with them as we;;. The group was centered around Page's songwriting, with the majority of the tunes being authored solely by him.

They often get pegged as a heavy metal group, just because most people don't know what else to call bands that make a hell of a lot of noise with their guitars. But Helmet doesn't go in for the posturing that is the stock in trade of many heavy metal groups, nor does Page seem to have any real affection for the standard guitar solo, another staple of most heavy metal acts. Page likes chords, and likes them plenty loud. "Meantime" is probably one of the most unified albums I've ever heard, and "Betty" might be even better for the new ground that is covered (like the bluesy "Sam Hell" that closes out the record).

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