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A brief word of introduction to this page. I have no doubts about most of the visitors who come here, but a few don't seem to get it. This is a listing of all the singles and albums—if you want to see which songs are included on each album, click on the small image of the album cover. This will take you to a page that deals specifically with that album and the songs on it.

"Born Annoying"/"Rumble"—45 (Amphetamine Reptile—December 1989)

"Impressionable" on Dope, Guns 'N' Fucking In The Street Vol. 5 - 45 (Amphetamine Reptile—March 1990)


Strap It On—1990. Produced by Helmet.

"Taken" on Ugly American Overkill—45 (Amphetamine Reptile—April 1991)

"Unsung"/"Your Head"—45 (Amphetamine Reptile—October 1991)

"Oven" on Smells Like Smoked Sausages double 45 (Melvins cover) (Sub Pop—March 1992)

"Rude" and "Sinatra" (live versions) on Amphetamine Reptile Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit—March 1992)

"In The Meantime"/"No Nicky No"—45 (Amphetamine Reptile—May 1992)


Meantime—1992. Produced by Helmet.

"Born Annoying" CD single (including "Rumble," "Shirley Maclaine" and "Taken") (March 1993)

"Primative"/"Born Annoying"—45 (Amphetamine Reptile—May 1993)

"Just Another Victim" (with House Of Pain) on "Judgment Night" soundtrack (Epic—September 1993)

"Turned Out" (live) on In Defense Of Animals compilation (Restless—September 1993)

"Distracted" (live) on Born To Choose compilation (Ryko—October 1993)

"Milktoast" on "The Crow" soundtrack (Interscope April—1994)


Betty—1994. Produced by Helmet and T-Ray.

Biscuits for Smut—CD single (June 1994).

"Just Another Victim" (Live)—CBGB 20th Anniversary (1994).

"Custard Pie" (with David Yow)—Encomium : A Tribute to Led Zeppelin (1994).

"Turned Out" (Live)—Jabberjaw: Good To The Last Drop No.5 (1994).

"Lord Of This World"—Volume 11—Autumn '94—CD Sampler (1994).


Born Annoying—1995. Compilation of early singles and B-sides.

"Symptom Of The Universe"—The Jerky Boys Soundtrack (1995).

"Complete"—Johnny Mnemonic Soundtrack (1995).

"Gigantor"—Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits (1995).

"Street Crab" (Live)—Metallurgy (from the makers of Volume) (1995).

"Army Of Me"—MOM: Music For Our Mother Ocean (1996).

"Wilma's Rainbow"—Bored Generation (1996).

"Disagreeable"—Feeling Minnesota Soundtrack (1996).


Aftertaste—1997. Produced by Dave Sardy and Helmet.


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