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National Story Project—Collaborative project between Auster and NPR listeners.—In an effort to generate some revenu in order to pay for the hosting of this site, I have decided to become an Associate. To find out more about why I made this decision and what it means, please take a look at this page.

Lulu on the Bridge—Lulu is a film written and directed by Auster starring Harvey Keitel and Mira Sorvino. The release of the film has generated a lot of new information, so I decided to set up a page specifically about this film in order to make it easier to sort through it all.

William Drenttel has published two Auster-related works. The first is a comprehensive bibliography of works by, about, and relating to Auster that were published up to 1994. The second is a bound edition of the short story "Augie Wren's Christmas Story" that appeared in the New York Times and which was the basis for the recent critically acclaimed films "Smoke" and "Blue in the Face." This page gives more detailed information about the books as well as ordering information. As far as I'm concerned, I don't see how a serious Auster scholar could not have the bibliography on his shelf, and Drenttel's edition of "Augie Wren" is the only version available outside of a copy of the New York Times. Mr. Drenttel has invested a great deal of his own time and money in these projects, all because of his love of Auster's works, so please order a copy from him if you can.

The Other Paul Auster—Auster's first novel, Squeeze Play, was actually a popular detective novel that he published under the name Paul Benjamin. While this has recently become common knowledge thanks to several bibliographies and Auster's inclusion of it as an appendix to his new memoir Hand to Mouth, it used to be a pretty big secret known only to a few devoted fans. This page is the story of one man's search to discover this novel.

Another Auster biography—Ken Kreutzer has compiled a fairly extensive biography of Auster's personal and professional lives. The site is a little ... well, loud, but the information about Auster is considerable, and the rest of his site is pretty entertaining as well.

Auster's signature—This page displays one of my most treasured possessions, the title page of the hardbound edition of Leviathan that Auster signed for me after my interview with him.

Worldguide Interviews: Paul Auster

Paul Auster and the Crisis of the Individual—Ph.D. project of a German scholar.

Paul Auster on LINEbreak—30 minute RealAudio clip featuring an interview with Auster.

My Lunch with Paul Auster— interview with Auster.

Spanish Language Auster Site


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