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This is Auster's latest novel, released May 25, 1999. You can order a copy now from using the link to the right.

Here is the blurb on describing the book:

Meet Mr. Bones, the canine hero of Paul Auster's remarkable new novel, Timbuktu. Mr. Bones is the sidekick and confidant of Willy G. Christmas, the brilliant, troubled, and altogether original poet-saint from Brooklyn. Like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza before them, they sally forth on a last great adventure, heading for Baltimore, Maryland in search of Willy's high school teacher, Bea Swanson. Years have passed since Willy last saw his beloved mentor, who knew him in his previous incarnation as William Gurevitch, the son of Polish war refugees. But is Mrs. Swanson still alive? And if she isn't, what will prevent Willy from vanishing into that other world known as Timbuktu?

Mr. Bones is our witness. Although he walks on four legs and cannot speak, he can think, and out of his thoughts Auster has spun one of the richest, most compelling tales in recent American fiction. By turns comic, poignant, and tragic, Timbuktu is above all a love story. Written with a scintillating verbal energy, it takes us into the heart of a singularly pure and passionate character, an unforgettable dog who has much to teach us about our own humanity.

Here are quotes from other authors, presumably to be used on the sleeve of the book:

In a world in which many people get treated like dogs, Paul Auster has elected to tell us the story of a dog's life, and by the end of this brief, extraordinary book he has made us think, feel and even dream along with his canine Mr. Bones. By stepping outside the frame of our own species, Auster allows us to see ourselves afresh, through the eyes of the loving, half-comprehending, half-mystified aliens who live within our homes."

-Salman Rushdie

"From Smoke to The Invention of Solitude to Timbuktu, Paul Auster has been an unswerving voice no matter what form he chooses, no matter what tale he imagines and tells. A generous heart always. A style on the high-wire always."

-Michael Ondaatje


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