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This page is a listing of various articles written about Auster and his works. In addition to my undergraduate thesis, which I have finally managed to get into electronic form, there is a link to an article about how the concept of nothingness manifests itself in the metropolis and how this relates to a few of Auster's works. It was sent to me by Nicola Caleffi, an Italian critic. It was originally published in "Alfa Zeta", issue 54, april 1996, pp. 18-23. I have also recently added a very exhaustive thesis that compares Auster and Aristotle by Dragana Nikolic.

Revisiting Timbuktu—James Murphy(2000)

The Story of I—Paul Duncan. Fiction. (2000)

Q&A with Paul Auster (1999)

An Examination of the Identity of Author and Character and Their Relationship Within the Narrative Structure of Paul Auster's New York Trilogy—Nicholas Dawson (1999)

Paul Auster's Postmodernist Fiction: Deconstructing Aristotle's "Poetics"—Dragana Nikolic (1998)

Paul Auster's Urban Nothingness—Nicola Caleffi (1996)

Escaping from the Locked Room: Overthrowing the Tyranny of Artifice in Paul Auster's New York Trilogy—Chris Pace (1993)

Authorship and Identity in Auster's City of Glass—A short essay by a Penn State student


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